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Mrs Magic Moyler Makes
Video 1

Mrs Magic Moyler Makes
Video 2

How to make people 

Mrs Magic Moyler Makes
Video 3

How to make corner  kitchen

Mrs Magic Moyler Makes
Video 4

Making a park

Mrs Magic Moyler Makes
Video 5


One of the joys of the Interplaylands design is that you don't necessarily need expensive wood versions or heaps of money to spend on plush interiors! Having worked in schools to develop 'Green Studio's', Ruth Moyler is practised at using every day throw away items to help children create wonderful fun things at very little cost. Children are fantastic innovators and come up with the most curious inventions. With a little help from a trusted grown up - their imaginations can run freely and their visions come to fruition.

There is ongoing research happening regarding  the use of Interplaylands in the following fields:

1. Counselling situations and as a therapeutic resource to unravel trauma and past hurts. 
2. Family therapy - to aid listening and connection.
3. Old people's homes to trigger good memories and connect past with present.
4. Faith formation - helping spiritual connection and learning through play.
5. Grandparents connecting generations through play and the building of family heirlooms and keepsakes telling the unique family story.
6. Building Interplaylands from recycled materials (see below) 


Create your own imaginary world using card and recyclable materials.
          Click on the links above and have FUN!

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