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Ruth Moyler - creator of Interplaylands

Ruth Moyler is a very creative and experienced Early Years teacher, who taught in Southwark schools  and in leadership roles, for over 25 years. Playful approaches to learning have always been integral to her work across the whole Primary age range. Ruth now works as a Linden Learning Consultant , and continues to develop oracy through complex play with her ‘Interplaylands’.

Her work is original and emphasises ‘screen-free creativity’ as part of her ongoing ‘Courageous Creativity’ INSET offer to schools, alongside her ‘Green Studios’ recycling initiative.

Ruth works as part of the Linden Learning Early Years consortium.

Contact the author directly at for free downloads of Fabulous phonics planning for phase 2 and 3.

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Having developed Interplaylands within the classroom and with years of teaching experience, Ruth Moyler, is now available as a speaker and facilitator of  

'Courageous Creativity'



These workshops were developed as a creative educational response to the needs of children returning to the classroom in the aftermath of the pandemic. They are now proving to be an exciting imaginative tool for children to use in class, to develop their oracy skills which then also greatly enhances their writing!

Hide and Seek
“For reluctant writers, the use of Interplaylands is proving a supportive resource, giving those  children the confidence to be creative first verbally and then in written form. For children  who have trauma or attachment issues, Interplayland is a tool to talk and using the mini mes  is proving successful for them too. ”

Bolney Primary School

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