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Meet Ruth Moyler and her extended family who all live in and around London, UK.. Although Interplaylands was officially registered in 2011 it's beginnings occured much earlier.


In 2007 Ruth's then 17 year old daughter Beth, created a piece called 'the imagination station' for her final piece at Brit school.  In 2008 Ruth was gifted it by her daughter and took it into the classroom.


After a redesign specifically for early years, along with the development of a complimentary phonics resource, Ruth became a Senior Leader of Education (SLE) in 2012 and began sharing what was happening through this resource with other London schools and the Fabulous phonics/ Interplayland good practise spread.


In 2020 she saw how strategic this resource could be for the well being of families through the pandemic. She and her husband Chris have  been pro active in producing both mini and transportable versions in order to make Interplaylands more widely available. 

Since 2020 Ruth has continued to develop Interplaylands as a positive playful resource for children and families to develop oracy through story tellling. The development of these mini Interplaylands has made them more affordable for teachers in their classrooms.  

Over recent years Ruth has seen Interplaylands develop further as a culturally transferable and powerful therapeutic resource. There are two class room size Interplayland units currently in use in Kampala, Uganda.


Now semi-retired, Ruth continues her ground breaking work beyond the UK curriculum with development of a training of teachers working in partnership with  CRANE, Viva, and  others globally,  proving that 'courageous creativity' goes beyond the bounds and limitations of any culture. 

The 'Fabulous phonics' curriculum now includes, books, music and songs and is about to be introduced in Uganda with potential for global reach in the teaching of English. Contact Ruth here if interested in knowing more.


Ruth and Chris with the classroom size Interplaylands 
Picture credit: Ruth Moyler 


Mini Interplaylands in the making.

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