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Since 2021 we have been in the process of making Interplaylands more widely available in the UK. In 2021 it became more accessible through our hosting of garden workshops. 


This relational approach has enabled us to keep connected with people who are now using the resource in various fields. It has the potential for a huge variety of application and we are doing lots of learning and research at the moment.


 Having an Interplayland within the home and in the family context is proving to be a brilliant bridge builder between generations.


Introducing play and creativity with a multi generational  purpose is beneficial in multiple ways - not least the joy and fun that it creates within families as grandparents and parents work with their children to build a bespoke family heirloom or keepsake.  Priceless!

Now available here

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Now available via our partner 
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Blank wooden Interplaylands


Easy self assembly flat pack


(Postage not included

Blank wooden



+ 10 blank wooden people


(Postage not included)

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